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“Capolavoro” de @IlVoloOfficial // DAUDIA (acoustic duet version) #daudia #shorts #ilvolo
“L’ultima poesia” Geolier+ Ultimo// DAUDIA (acoustic duet version) #shorts #geolier #daudia
DAUDIA - “Solo noi tour” nei teatri // Highlights
With you - DAUDIA (acoustic live version) on the lake #daudia #withyou #shorts
“With you” - DAUDIA (live version) #shorts #daudia #withyou
WITH YOU- Daudia (Official video)
Daudia perform “With you” @ “Una voce per San Marino” Final  (ESC 2024 Eurovision 2024)
What it’s like to play in Santa Monica 🎡”Boat”by @EdSheeran /DAUDIA acoustic duet version #shorts
Felicità from “La casa de Papel - Berlin” by DAUDIA (acoustic duet version) #shorts #berlin #daudia
Felicità- Albano y Romina// DAUDIA acoustic duet version from Berlìn la casa de papel
Fireball- Pitbull//DAUDIA (acoustic duet version) Ukulele,Sax,Acoustic guitar at Dolomites #shorts
Tango- Tananai //DAUDIA acoustic duet version chitarra & ukulele #short #daudia #tananai
Cantare acapella a -10 gradi “Marvin Gaye” di @charlieputh & @MeghanTrainor
Non vado via- DAUDIA (acoustic version) #shorts #daudia #nonvadovia
Stand by me- DAUDIA (acoustic duet version) with ukulele & guitar in MIAMI
Ma che t’o dic a fa’- Angelina Mango // DAUDIA duet version (Drumpad+ guitar) #shorts #daudia #duo
Italodisco -The Kolors // DAUDIA acoustic duet version with ukulele and acoustic guitar #short
Wake me up- Avicii //DAUDIA (acoustic quartet version) ukulele,acoustic guitar,sax #short #daudia
“TÚ Y YO” - DAUDIA (acoustic version on the beach) Nuevo single 2023
What was I made for- Billie Eilish// DAUDIA (acoustic duet version) from Barbie The Movie soundtrack
Solo noi- DAUDIA (acoustic duet version) at sunset ❤️
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Daudia is a duo made of Italian songwriters, singers and musicians Davide and Claudia. They play piano, keyboards, guitar, ukulele and both sing and write music. Their career as a band begins in late 2016, when they start posting song- covers on social media and start performing in clubs around Italy.

In June 2017, Daudia appear for the first time on national Italian tv ( Canale 5), attending "The winner is" talent show.
In July, Daudia take part at "The X Factor Uk", going through the judges audition and achieving Bootcamp.
In September, Daudia travel to Romania for "X Factor Romania" auditions and start to attend the tv program till semifinals.
In 2018 Daudia's original songs come out.
In March 2018 Daudia are invited to perform their first hit song "Back and forth (No more)" in some Romanian national tv programs: "Neatza cu Razvan si Dani" on Antena 1, "Xtra Night Show", "Rai da Buni", Focus tv.
In April they start a promotion tour around Italy.
In June Daudia join "Area Sanremo", the official contest to get to "Festival di Sanremo" and win it in November 2018 with brand new song "Chiedi al mare".
In 2019 Daudia go to finals in some important music contests such as "Festivalshow" and "Area Sanremo 2019" with their songs "Via d'uscita" and "Scorpione".
In 2020 Daudia go viral on social media with their song covers and also with their new song "Ciao amore mio", then they start to collaborate with international djs as co-songwriters and singers.
In July 2020 Daudia's "Jerusalema acoustic version", arranged with ukulele and acoustic guitar achieves more than 10 million views on web and more than 400.000 streams on Spotify; Daudia are invited as guests on tv Shows in South Africa, Kenya, France, Bulgary, Germany.
In October they get to finals at Area Sanremo 2020" and in November they publish their first Ep - "An unplugged Merry Christmas" -, arranged with ukulele, guitarlele and other acoustic instruments.
Daudia perform around Europe and Italy all year long.

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